Monday, May 30, 2011

My Night Out

Last night I went to a park we call Harry Potter Park where we played tag. Whenever the person who was "it" would go on one side I would be on the other. This worked really well because I would wait and watch  to see where the person was.  This allowed me to be on the other side so they couldn't catch me.

There are a couple tips I want to give you. First there are some little tunnels that you can climb through so that they don't see you.  You end up on the other side and they don't know.  This is one of my favorite sneaky tricks. 

Another tip is to watch for some towers you can climb.  Usually there are ladders you can climb up.  When they follow you, you can run to a different location when they're still climbing the ladder.  You're down on the ground and they'll be up there wondering how you got down.  A perfect getaway!

After our park adventure we then went to the bowling alley. I did HORRIBLE but then I got better and my last score was  actually a 102!  If you have any ideas I can use for bowling, please tell me!

I got a soda and a hot dog which makes losing not such a bad thing.  :-)    


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  1. Hey Manu, Papa Tabach said 102 is pretty good!! and I agree Then I asked him (P Tabach) if he had any tips on bowling and he said, yea....practice. And then he added, "ask Alvin!" So there you go....that's our bowling tips. :) We're down in FL and it was fun to get on Google Reader and catch up on blogs from the village. I'm glad you had a fun entry to read! Love you Manu, Miss Hashachar