Saturday, November 20, 2010

Our RV Slip-n-slide

Today the RV partially tipped so people had to lean to walk. Here are some pictures.  It was really fun to walk kind of leaned over.   

Here's what happened:  We were trying to back up to where we usually park (we'd gone to empty our tanks) and it had just rained so it was slippery.  As we backed in we slipped into a ditch-thing by the garage/shed- the RV just slid on the wet mud.  I was riding in the RV when it happened.  I was sitting on the couch when the RV slid into a corner of the shed and the corner of the shed came through the window of the RV - it smashed the window.  The window practically exploded.  Glass went everywhere!!!  I jumped!  Afterwards I was pretty creeped out.  Here are a couple of pictures of the corner of the shed IN the RV window.

You can see from the picture that it actually ripped the screen right along the edge.  We're going to put a plastic covering over it until we get a new window.  Dad was glad that it broke the sliding window.  That will be easier to replace.

Dad called a couple of tow truck guys.  They came up with a tow truck and they tied a chain around a tree by the RV.  The chain had a hook on it.  They ran a cable from the winch on the truck through the hook on the end of the chain to a strap around the back tire of the RV.  Then they just winched it and the back end swung around.  They were very reassuring at the start that this would be no problem to fix.  They took about 20 minutes to get the RV off the shed.  Then Dad drove the RV to a safer place.  (Caleb helped with that description of what the guys did.)
So that was our adventure for today.  After that we watched the Last Samurai to calm us down of course...


  1. Manuha,
    You did a great job telling us this story. So what's happened since then? Keep going with your blogging to keep us up on your adventures! We love you and miss you!

  2. Hey Manuha it is amara your story was great you are exelent writer you story was awesome i am so glad you got to go to california it is so much fun there!